Membership & Rights


  • Membership of MPAI is only available to businesses, fintechs and merchants who offer goods or services or leverage digital payments to supply its products or services.
  • A Merchant may become a member by applying for membership, and subject to the application for membership receiving approval of the Merchant Council. The membership shall be effective from the grant of such approval.
  • Membership of MPAI is governed by the MPAI Charter and these Terms and Conditions (Constitutional Documents) as such documents may be modified, amended, or superseded in the future from time to time.
  • By applying for membership, the Member acknowledges that it has been supplied with the current Constitutional Documents
  • Non-member associations and thought leaders can be invited by members, as approved by the Merchant Council, to partner with MPAI and participate in the meetings of the Merchant Council as:


Honorary membership for eminent individuals who lend credibility and guidance to the Group's policy objectives and strategies


Honorary membership for organizations with whom MPAI can engage collaboratively on educational, outreach, and capacity-building events on an ad-hoc basis

Bronze Membership

In line with MPAI’s mission of being a representative voice of the merchant community, a special category of membership – Bronze Membership, shall be available for start-up enterprises.

(a)  Eligibility

Bronze Membership to MPAI shall be open to start-up enterprises which meet the following criteria:

  • Entities which are private limited companies or registered as a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership.
  • Entities having annual turnover not exceeding INR 100 crore for any of the financial years since incorporation/registration.
  • Entities which are not formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence.

Types of Membership

The terms and conditions set out here relate to the following MPAI Member types:






The MPAI is built on the cooperation and collaboration of its vibrant group of members. For membership related queries please fill the form and have us reach out to you.

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